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How many pounds of bugs, flies, spiders and maggots does an avergae person eat each year?

Do you really want to know? Then read on! I have loved Trivia since I was a young kid, and when we started doing trivia as part of our Entertainment offering I was loving it. However Trivia Nights at sports bars and other such event venues has been taken over by the big boys who make a small fortune off the sports bars, while paying their hosts who run it near nothing. However the hosts have nothing invested, so its not difficult to find someone willing to work for a few dollars and free drinks. Of course you don't get the entertainment you deserve, so there is that. At FanZ Entertinment we have pretty much stopped with trivia nights in sports bars and now offer it to our clients who wish to have it as part of an entertainment package for their event.

We do a lot of corporate events, from AT&T and Farmers Insurance to area Non-Profits and Senior Living Centers. Many of these groups like to do a team building Trivia event before opening a Karoake night or Holiday Party. We write our own questions and do between 4 and 7, 10 question rounds. We always include a Music round and some fun facts as well. When you do triva at a sports bar you are most likely going to find several local area places have the same trivia teams and questions. This is because they use a BIG BOY company who buys their trivia from a "SERVICE" and they use the same questions at multiple venues to save money and maximize profits. Needless to say the Trivia Buffs know this and travel from venue to venue already knowing the questions and answers in many cases.

We always customize our questions differently for each event. We can even base the questions around the event guest of honor, or the company holding the event. Trivia works great as an party starter or as its own event.  It helps to get guests talking and people familar with each other as they form teams and work together in an effort to be victorious. Prizes are always a nice thing to offer, but they don't need to be lavish. Bragging rights is really what its all about!

We provides everything needed to hold a trivia session at your venue, or next event.  From the pencils to the sound system, we have you covered start to finish. Consider adding trivia to your DJ, Music Video or Karaoke Event and save on a combined package.
As for how many pounds (Yes Pounds) of bugs you eat, and yes and you are eating bugs, spiders and maggots... well believe it or not, you will consume approximately 2 pounds per year just in the foods you are already consuming.  
Read on if you dare:

When crops are harvested, bugs are on them and get scooped up with the food that gets processed for us to eat. The FDA does limit the amount of bugs in our food which is found in their ‘Defects Level Handbook’. Canned tomatoes, hops and broccoli have them and fig paste can contain up to 13 insect heads per 100 grams, canned fruit juices can contain one maggot for every 150 milliliters. The thing is you don’t really notice but each person ingests about 2 pounds of flies, maggots and other bugs per year. As Reported By Scientific America

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