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We love hosting Karaoke Events !

Like with our music videos (Which we show between singers) we provide a 40" televison and have the ability to connect two other televisions if available for guest viewing of karaoke lyrics and music video entertainment. We also provde a 20" singer monitor so your singer has their own screen and doesn't have to have their back to the audience while preforming.  Some companies will try and sell you on the fact that they have 120,000 Karaoke Songs... don't buy into that old line. They may have 120,000 karaoke song files, but 50,000 of those files are numerious versions of the same songs they already have. There are not 120,000 different songs available on Karaoke. Even the Karaoke Channel on most cable networks only has a library of 4,000 or so songs.

We have been in the business for over 20 years and actually have one of the largest, LEGAL, and not bootlegged libraries available in the DFW Metroplex. We own THOUSANDS of karaoke Disks which ranged in price when purchased new from $15 to $40 per disk. Many times we purchased an entire disk of songs just to get the one popular song on the disk. Karaoke suffered drastically at the hands of piracy and nearly became an extinct art form. Thankfully a few companies have purchased the rights to previous karaoke tracks and have began to create new tracks to keep the karaoke art form alive for future generations. Piracy is NOT a victimless crime!

We do not download from you tube or other illegal methods as many others do. We are a true entertainment business and we respect the artists who earn a living from their music. If we are in the music entertainment business and we don't respect others who make their living in the same industry it wouldn't say much about our character now would it. Our song book is available to be viewed on line at anytime, and is updated monthly with the latest karaoke tracks available legally.

We have over 45,000 songs available in our library and approximately 20 new songs are added every month. Keep in mind that NOT EVERY SONG will become a karaoke version. Normally only the top 10 or 15 from the country, pop, and urban charts make the transition to a quality legal karaoke verison. There are others out there who make their own illegal versions of songs, however smentioned above, we are not one of those company's.

One Time Private Events, Home Parties, and the like DO NOT require an ASCAP/BMI License to have a DJ, or Karaoke Event.
Restaurants, Bars and Event Venues ARE LEGALLY REQUIRED AND DO NEED an ASCAP/BMI License to play ANY MUSIC in their venue.
ASCAP/BMI Licenses are the responsibility of the venue owners and NOT the entertainers  

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