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The Experienced Truth

FanZ Entertainment has been providing the best in entertainment for more than 20 years. Over the years we have seen many DJ's and Entertainment companies come and go. The one thing that almost every entertainment company that fails has in common is their misguided beliefs. What are misguided beliefs? That is when you believe the service you are providing is more important than those customers who are requesting it!

As entertainers, we have no tangible product, and we certainly have more than our share of competition in this industry. Yet is seems everyone with a computer and access to youtube claims to be a DJ. The saddest part is that the average customer truly has no idea of the quality of entertainment or service they will receive until that service is provided. There are third party booking services who claim to provide reputable entertainers; but the bottom line is that MOST will refer anyone who is willing to pay their percentage or monthly subscription fees.  

All of these companies claim to provide a needed service to assist those who desire entertainment, but have no immediate knowledge of who to hire. What they really do is send out emails to every entertainer who is paying them in that service area. Most using these services tend to hire the first person who responds with a cheap enough price. Now don't get me wrong, there are a FEW companies who actually do verify experience of those they recommend... but do you honestly know which companies those would be?

Low cost is nice, but as you have heard many times, you often get what you pay for. I will tell you that you will never get a quality Ferrari for the price of a Volkswagen Bug, and you won't get an experienced DJ with Quality Equipment for $100 a night. In that same breath, someone who is charging you an enormous amount has either way more business than they can handle, or is hoping to find someone with more money than time to shop around. I know some DJ's who won't leave their home for under $1,500, and they get it. For a festival or the like that would be a fair price to pay, but for the average company event or family function that is a huge waste of money.  Do you need a Trance or Techno Festival DJ for an Anniversary Party? Do you want a young inexperienced DJ with ambitions of being a famous Trance or Techno festival DJ practicing at your event?

We are experienced, and we know our place in the market. Our rates are FAIR and HONEST, and we don't overcharge our customers because of their need. If you party is tonight or next month, your rate will be the same! Our Rates only change based on the event type and the amount of time that is involved. This is time to prepare and set up play lists, travel to the event and back, plus set up, tear down and actual performance time.  We do offer discounts to Non-Profits, Senior Centers and Retirement Communities, along with Restaurants, Club, and Bars who bring us in for weekly recurring events like Trivia, DJ or karaoke shows. However, those are the only time our rates  deviate.  Unless you are outside the DFW Metroplex, our rate sheet as posted will help you calculate the total expense for most events. Multi Day, Multi Performance, Festivals, Public Gathering and Outdoor Events are on a case by case basis.

At FanZ Entertainment we offer FAIR and HONEST pricing, and rest assured every event, be it a Formal Wedding, or a Backyard Karaoke Party you will receive the same QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE AND VIP TREATMENT that has kept us in business for more than 20+ years. We are HAPPY to assist you in any way possible, because we have our reputation riding on your event entertainment, and REFERANCES ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE!

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