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Sound vs Sight . . Simple, but so much more effective

For several years now we at FanZ Entertainment have been doing primarily Music Video events, but we are still set up and equipted to do straight music only if requested. For our events presenting Music Videos we have the ability to connect with up to 4 televisions at your location. If the venue or facility does not have televisions we can provide a single 40" television set on the front of our system set up so that your guests can view and enjoy the videos while they relax at a table or enjoy the dance floor.

What we have found in our years of experience is that not everyone likes to get up and dance. Some are too shy, while others just don't feel comfortable in crowds and want to sit back, relax and just talk. Music helps to stimulate the mind and can bring back memories of times past. There are folks like myself that need visual stimulation to enhance those memories locked away in our minds. There may quite possibly be a group of people who maynot be familiar with the music, so it has no real tie to their past. These people become stimulated by the videos, either because it represents something of a history lesson in styles of an era they have no memory of, or it may just be todays generations addiction to television, but whatever the reason, people stay longer when visually stimulated.

Showing Videos over just playing music will keep your party flowing and your guests talking. Discussing past memories or just striking conversation about the music videos, they will make your party or even one which will be talked about and remembered. It is perfectly fine to just have Music, and quite possibly your group may prefer that. We have just seen the trend toward Music Videos grow, and the guests at those events always comment about how much they truly enjoyed the Music Videos. The best part is that with FanZ Entertainment we DO NOT charge you extra to show music videos, nor do we charge extra to provide the television, or even to connect to your televsions if available.

With FanZ Entertainment we know we are only as good as the memories you and your guests have after an even is over. We put our reputation on the line with every event we do, so we do it right!

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